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No matter what your age is, you will no doubt enjoy the thrilling experience of completing a winning pattern when you play Bingo. This all-time favorite game all over the globe appeals to all ages as it brings you to a world full of excitement and winnings. With an array of game variations that have evolved over the years, bingo is a sure-fire hit among casino enthusiasts whether land-based or online through Bitcoin gaming.

Bingo through the Years

The 1920s marks the birth of the modern-day bingo, but this game has a long history that dates back in the 16th century in Italy. Over time, this game experienced various changes when played in some European countries. It was in 1778, though, when the French lotto game used 27 squares that donned a layout of three rows and nine columns. However, only five squares in each row had numbers that ranged from 1 to 90. This eventually became the basis of the modern-day bingo. And up until now, bingo enjoys wide success among countless nations in the world as more variations have emerged.

A Close Look on Bingo Cards

You will need at least one bingo card to play Bingo. Whether you have a tangible or electronic bingo card, you will see five columns and five rows that comprise the 5×5 grid. On top of each column are the letters B, I, N, G, and O printed from left to right. And in each of the 24 squares are numbers that fall from 1 to 75. The square at the center doesn’t have a number and is usually marked as Free or Free Space.

Winning Patterns

It’s important to take note of the various winning patterns when you play Bingo as these will determine whether you win or not. Always remember that the game pattern regularly changes, so it’s important to always take note of them. These patterns come in different forms; some are vertical and horizontal lines, while others are a cross and a picture frame. And if you’re playing for the jackpot, all numbers on your card must be drawn. While it may be challenging to remember the pattern when playing manually, expect the opposite when you play in online casinos as your card is automatically daubed.

Simple yet Exciting Gameplay

At one glance, it’s very easy and simple to play Bingo as you just have to wait for numbers to be randomly drawn and then hope to form the game pattern for that round. In some cases, you can even play as many cards as you want, provided that you can daub all the drawn numbers that appear on each of your card.

If you’re playing in bingo halls, there are certain rules that you need to follow like the perfect time to call out ‘bingo!’ Meanwhile, you can also play Bitcoin Bingo electronically or go for the more accessible and convenient online gambling. Bitcoin Bingo rules are a bit different. When you play Bingo with bitcoins, the possibilities are endless. But whichever way you wish to experience the fun and excitement bingo never fails to bring, you’re guaranteed to be treated to a quality gambling experience.

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